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OSOM OV1 becomes the Solana Saga, set to ship in 2023 as a web3 (crypto) phone

If you’ve been waiting for more news about the OSOM OV1 smartphone, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s coming soon. The bad news is that it won’t quite what OSOM had originally promised. Instead of a smartphone running privacy-first, Android-based software developed by some of the folks behind the […]

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News Roundup: Hacking the PinePhone keyboard accessory, Phoc updates, and a new convergent web browser

Pine64 is making a keyboard accessory for the PinePhone. When it goes on sale later this year, it will let you basically turn a PinePhone into a tiny Linux laptop. But first, developers need to create software that lets the two devices talk to one another. The company has started sending prototypes to developers, and […]

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Sol Computer launches sunlight readable netbook, tablet with Pixel Qi screen

There’s good news and bad news for anyone that’s been waiting to get their hands on a mobile device with a Pixel Qi display. The good news is that there’s another company offering mobile devices with Pixel Qi screens. The bad news is that they’re really quite expensive. Pixel Qi is a company that makes […]