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Report: You aren’t the only one who didn’t buy Snap Spectacles

Snap’s first foray into hardware made a bit of a splash last year, and recently the company says it sold more than 150 thousand Snap Spectacles. But there’s one small problem: Snap may have hundreds of thousands of unsold units lying around, suggesting that the company vastly overestimated demand for the product. The Information reports that […]

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Reddit finally has official Android, iOS apps

Since the rise and fall of Digg, Reddit has pretty much dominated the social news/link-sharing & discussion space. But while reddit’s barebones website is optimized to load quickly and be easy to read on desktop and more recently on mobile devices, the company has largely left the development of mobile apps to third parties… until […]

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Oculus Cinema to make VR more social: watch movies with friends

It’s hard to imagine something more antisocial than strapping a virtual reality headset to your face, blocking out the outside world, and watching a movie. But VR pioneer Oculus thinks it may have a solution for folks that want to watch movies together. The company already has a video app called Oculus Cinema, which is […]

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Google starts unbundling Google+ from services, starting with YouTube

YouTube is going anti-social… or rather, Google is reversing its controversial decision to require users to sign up for a Google+ social network account. New users don’t need a Google+ profile to upload videos, create a channel, or leave comments anymore. And comments left on videos won’t show up on your Google+ profile should you […]

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Google launches Play game services, makes games social, syncs your data

As expected, Google is rolling out a new service called Google Play games. Game developers can tap into the API to synchronize game data across devices and add social elements to their games. Some of the APIs aren’t only available for Android, but also for web and iOS, which means you’ll be able to compare […]

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HTC First is the first phone to ship with Facebook Home

Facebook plans to make a new suite of social apps available for Android starting April 12th. But while anyone will be able to install Facebook Home and essentially turn an existing Android device into a “Facebook phone,” you’ll also be able to buy a phone that comes with Facebook preloaded. It’s called the HTC First, […]

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Facebook Home: Facebook tweaks Android to be about people rather than apps

Facebook is introducing a new suite of software for Android phones designed to turn nearly any handset into a “Facebook phone.” It’s called Facebook Home, and basically it’s a replacement for the home screen, launcher, notification, and messaging apps that come on your phone. Facebook Home will be available from the Google Play Store soon […]

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Lilbits: Battle of the quad-cores, Ouya review and more (4-03-2013)

Chinese site padhz pitted three of the fastest quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 chips against one another, and unsurprisingly the newest came out on top. Somewhat surprisingly, that means Rockchip’s latest processor is kind of king of the hill (until next-gen Cortex-A15 and Krait chips become more popular. Here’s a roundup of some of the stories you’d […]