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Qualcomm: Snapdragon Mobile Platform is the new “Snapdragon”

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips power millions of smartphones. But now Qualcomm is rebranding its mobile system-on-a-chip lineup… kind of. Starting today, the full name is Snapdragon Mobile Platform. The idea is to make it clear that the SoC is more than just a CPU. It includes Qualcomm’s ARM-based CPU cores, Adreno graphics processor, cellular modem, and other […]

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NVIDIA unveils next-gen System on a Chip, code-named Xavier

NVIDIA may not be developing smartphone and tablet chips anymore. But the company is still making system-on-a-chip (SoC) products that pick up where the Tegra line of mobile chips left off. Today NVIDIA revealed its next-gen chip for autonomous vehicles. The chip is code-named Xavier and it’s said to be able to be able to […]

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Intel may not be done with mobile processors after all

This year Intel announced that it was ending development of its Atom chips for smartphones and scrapping the next-gen Atom chips that had been planned for tablets and 2-in-1 PCs. Instead, Intel would develop modems for smartphones and low-power processors (among other things) for drones, smart home devices, and other Internet of Things products. Now […]

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AMD launches Beema, Mullins chips for low power tablets and notebooks

AMD is launching a new line of chips aimed at mobile devices including notebooks, tablets, and other devices and the company says that we should start to see devices with the new chips in time for the 2014 back-to-school season. The new chips, code-named “Beema” and “Mullins” are designed to offer up to twice the processing performance-per-watt […]

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Intel Sharks Cove is a Windows-compatible dev board, Microsoft says more to come

Want to develop software for a Windows PC? All you need is a Windows desktop or laptop and some software tools. But Windows doesn’t just run on notebooks and desktops anymore — a growing number of Windows devices are tablets, phones, and other devices which feature embedded hardware. So Microsoft is working with Intel and […]

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Intel’s first chips for wearable will be Atom, not Quark

Intel introduced a new family of tiny, low-power chips aimed at wearable devices and other pieces of the “internet of things” in September, 2013. But apparently the Intel Quark system-on-a-chip and Edison platform for wearable devices isn’t quite ready to go, so Intel has announced its expanding its wearable platform to include Intel Atom chips. […]

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Raspberry Pi graphics code is now open source

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the source code for the graphics core of the mini-computer’s Broadcom BCM2835. That makes the Raspberry Pi the first ARM-based system-on-a-chip computer with vendor-provided open source drivers. What does that mean? If you’re a developer it means that you can now get to work porting operating systems or optimizing software to […]