SNES Classic hack allows you to load additional games

Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition is an $80 game console that looks like a tiny version of the company’s 1990 game console, and which comes with 20 classic games pre-installed. Like last year’s NES Classic, the latest retro game system from Nintendo doesn’t officially support any other games. It doesn’t take cartridges, and you’re not supposed […]

Nintendo’s NES Classic to return in 2018, SNES Classic shipments to continue

Nintendo has been offering two lines of game consoles for decades: one line of products designed for use in the living room and another that’s designed for handheld use. Now things are starting to get blurry: the Nintendo Switch is a living room console that you can also remove from its dock and use on […]

SNES Classic mini-console coming Sept 29th for $80 (with 21 games)

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition was a surprise hit when it launched last year. The tiny replica of a classic Nintendo Entertainment System came with 30 classic games pre-loaded and quickly sold out at just about every store where it was available. Now Nintendo is launching a follow-up: the Super NES Classic Edition is coming September […]