Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch pictures leaked

Samsung is holding an event in New York City on August 9th , where the company is expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. But, as usual, the company seems to be having a hard time keeping a lid on details until then. Android Headlines has just […]

Pebble smartwatches aren’t dead yet (but they will be this summer… kinda)

After Fitbit acquired smartwatch company Pebble in 2016, the company promised to keep Pebble’s software and services running through the end of 2017. While Pebble stopped making and selling watches, that move at least meant that existing customers would be able to squeeze a little extra life out of their wearables. Now Fibit has extended […]

Google now pushes Android Wear updates through Play Store

Google introduced Android Wear 2.0 earlier this year, bringing new features to smartwatches including support for making calls on models with cellular radios, built-in support for Google Assistant even when your phone isn’t handy, and the ability to use the Play Store to install apps without a phone. Now it turns out there’s another new […]

BlackBerry smartwatches? Timex and BlackBerry announce patent license deal

BlackBerry doesn’t make its own smartphones anymore. Instead the company licenses its intellectual property to companies including TCL and Optiemus who build and sell phones like the BlackBerry KeyOne and DTEK60. Now it looks like BlackBerry may be planning a similar move for smartwatches. Maybe. Timex and BlackBerry announced a patent license agreement this week, […]

Samsung patents a rotary dial display for smartwatches

Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch has a touchscreen display, but also features a rotary dial that surrounds the display, allowing you to twist the dial to perform some functions, such as scrolling through your apps. But Samsung is at least considering the possibility of using the rotary dial for something else: a display. Patently Mobile spotted […]

Samsung’s Hybrid pocket concept watch is both smart and analog

Up until today, I probably would have said that Samsung had produced more smartwatches than just about any other tech company or watch maker. But over the past year or so, Samsung seems to have settled into a pattern of launching just a few models per year. This week, though, Samsung is showing off something new: […]

Fossil unveils 300 new smartwatch styles because… why not?

Watch maker Fossil entered the smart wearable gadget space in 2015, first by launching a few smartwatches and wristbands, and then by acquiring activity tracker company Misfit. Now the company is taking the next (il)logical step… and introducing a whopping 300 new smartwatch styles. Basically that means just about every watch brand that Fossil offers […]

Swatch is developing its own smartwatch OS, coming in late 2018

Want to launch a new smartphone? Then you’re probably going to want to load it up with Google’s Android operating system. Android dominates the smartphone space, and unless your company’s name is Apple, odds are you’re not going to have a lot of success selling a non-Android phone. But what if you want to launch […]

AsteroidOS Alpha released: open source smartwatch operating system

AsteroidOS is an open source, Linux-based operating system designed to run as a replacement for the OS on some Android Wear smartwatches. Developer Florent Revest says it offers users more control over privacy and allows them to run free and open source software. The software may have another function: breathing new life into older hardware. […]