Foxconn smartwatch prototype syncs with an iPhone, shows Facebook, phone updates

As smartphones get bigger (and presumably more inconvenient to pull out of your pocket when you just want to check the time or weather), a growing number of companies seem to be betting that smartwatches are the future of mobile devices. While you can still use your phone for in-depth web surfing, messaging, or more, […]

Sony hopes to spur SmartWatch innovation by giving developers firmware access

As smartwatches go, Sony’s entrant into the category isn’t exactly a leading light. That’s not from lack of trying — ever since launch Sony has supported the watch by releasing Android apps to work with it and extend functionality. The biggest problem I have with the device is that it doesn’t work independently of a […]

Lilbits (5-22-2013): Crowd-funding the AGENT smartwatch, Earl tablet

It’s an interesting time to be a watchmaker. Big companies like Motorola have been bringing smartwatches to market, and smaller companies like Pebble have raised a lot of buzz for wristwatches with ePaper displays, customizable software, and more. Heck, one of the main characters on a prime time TV show is a clockmaker. Anyway, there’s […]

Neptune Pine is an Android powered wristwatch… that makes phone calls

Why get a smartwatch that pairs with your Android phone when you could get a smartwatch that is an Android phone? That seems to be the idea behind the upcoming Neptune Pine. It’s a wristwatch with a SIM card, an Android-based operating system and a 2.5 inch display. It’s expected to sell for about $335 if […]