TicWatch Pro smartwatch now available for $250 (Up to 30 days of battery life… if you don’t use the smart features)

Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro is a smartwatch with a 1.39 inch, 400 x 400 pixel OLED display, a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It runs Google’s Wear OS, support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC, and has a 415 mAh battery that’s good for up to 2 days of battery life. […]

Report: Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch to run Android Wear (or not)

Samsung’s first smartwatch was an Android Wear device called the Samsung Galaxy Gear. But that was way back in 2013. By the time Samsung’s second smartwatch came around in 2014, it was running Samsung’s own operating system based on the Tizen Linux distribution. Since then, Samsung has released a number of additional watches, and they’ve […]

If you plan to keep using a Pebble smartwatch, sign up for a Rebble account now

Fitbit plans to pull the plug on Pebble cloud services at the end of June, which means anyone with a Pebble smartwatch won’t be able to use the app store, reply to email or SMS messages from their watch, or use voice recognition or other services that require an internet connection. The move has been […]

TicWatch Pro uses two displays for long battery life while always-on

Most smartwatches have relatively small batteries, because putting a big one in a watch would make it thick and heavy. Unfortunately that means while traditional watches can run for months or years without needing to swap batteries, most smartwatches need to be recharged every few days, if not sooner. One method some smartwatches use to […]

AsteroidOS 1.0 released: Open source smartwatch operating system (for Wear OS devices)

The smartwatch space has changed a lot in recent years. Pebble is dead. Fitbit makes smartwatches now (after acquiring Pebble’s assets). Google’s Android Wear is now called Wear OS since it supports iPhones as well as Android. And Apple and Samsung continue to dominate. I guess not everything has changed. But through it all, a […]

Meet Wear OS: the smartwatch platform formerly known as Android Wear

Google is renaming its smartwatch operating system: Android Wear is out. Wear OS is in. The move is mostly about branding, but it also makes sense: while Android Wear watches were only able to pair with Android phones at launch, users have been able to use smartwatches running Google’s software with iPhones since 2015. Maybe […]

Fitbit launches $200 Versa smartwatch and kid-friendly $100 Ace activity tracker

Fitbit’s second smartwatch is here, and it’s cheaper, better looking, and arguably more useful than the company’s first. The Fitbit Versa is a $200 watch that offers 4 days of battery life, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting, and music playback, as well as notifications and support for third-party apps. Fitbit is also launching […]

Rebble aims to make your Pebble watch keep working after Fitbit pulls the plug this summer

Pebble was one of the early players in the smartwatch space, and the company’s low-power devices with long battery life, support for third-party apps, and sunlight readable displays still have a loyal fan base… even though Pebble hasn’t released a new watch since the company was acquired by Fitbit at the end of 2016. At […]

Shell smartwatch can transform into a handheld phone, or transformer other watches into phones (crowdfunding)

There are a handful of smartwatches that support 4G LTE connectivity, and you can even use some to make phone calls… if you don’t mind talking to your wrist or using a Bluetooth headset. But the Shell smartwatch is different thanks to a design that makes it comfortable to wear on your wrist… but with […]