BLOCKS modular smartwatch platform is dead, liquidation process begins

The folks at BLOCKS unveiled a concept for a modular smartwatch in 2014, launched a crowdfunding campaign a year and a half later, and eventually raised more than $1.6 million from more than 5-thousand backers. But according to the latest update on the BLOCKS Kickstarter campaign, the team’s dream of a modular smartwatch platform is […]

This DIY smartwatch is open source, so you can build your own (but you probably won’t)

There’s no shortage of smartwatches on the market, but if you can’t find one with exactly the features you’re looking for, you might want to try building your own from scratch. OK, probably not. But that’s what electrical engineer Samson March did. He designed his own watch case, circuit board, and software and printed and […]

Shady Pebble smartwatch clone hits Indiegogo (Updated)

Before the Apple, Samsung, and Google got into the smartwatch game, there was Pebble. The startup made affordable watches with electronic paper displays, the ability to display smartphone notifications, and an app store that was filled with third-party apps. Activity tracker company Fitbit acquired Pebble a few years ago and used some of the company’s […]

Nubia Alpha is a wearable phone with a flexible display (or a fancy smartwatch)

Most of the smartphones with flexible displays that have debuted so far take advantage of the new technology to transform from a phone into a tablet. The Nubia Alpha… doesn’t. Instead it’s basically a smartwatch with a display that wraps around your wrist. But since it can make phone calls, snap photos, and shoot video, […]

Crowdfunded Gameband watch cancelled (no tiny screen Atari games for you)

The Gameband was supposed to be a watch with a 1.6 inch touchscreen display, the sort of hardware you’d expect to find in a smartwatch, and a focus on gaming — the developers partnered with Atari and planned to load the Gameband with games including Asteroids, breakout, Centipede and Pong. But a year and a […]

LG Watch W7 is a $450 hybrid smartwatch with mechanical hands

LG’s latest smartwatch is the company’s first “hybrid” model which features mechanical hands combined with a digital display. The LG Watch W7 gets up to 100 days of battery life when used strictly in mechanical mode with the smart features disabled. Or you can use it as a smartwatch, but you’ll only get two days of battery […]

Withings returns to wearables with the Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch

French company Withings used to make a line of fitness trackers and health-related devices, before dipping its toes in the smartwatch space with a line of wristwatches that had activity-tracking features and support for displaying smartphone notifications. Then Withings was acquired by Nokia… which didn’t really do all that much with the company’s assets. Earlier […]

Apple Watch Series 4 feature bigger screens, thinner bodies

Apple is updating its wearable lineup with a new line of smartwatches featuring bigger displays that cover more of the front of the watch. The displays also now feature curved edges. And the software the powers Apple Watch has also been updated with new features and support for new apps. The Apple Watch Series 4 […]

Qualcomm’s new smartwatch chip promises to bring longer battery life

Chip maker Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear processors power most of the smartwatches on the market that run Google’s Wear OS software. But with the possible exception of the niche Snapdragon 2500 chip that launched this summer (for kid’s watches), it’s been more than two years since Qualcomm released a major update to its smartwatch chip lineup. […]

TicWatch Pro smartwatch now available for $250 (Up to 30 days of battery life… if you don’t use the smart features)

Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro is a smartwatch with a 1.39 inch, 400 x 400 pixel OLED display, a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. It runs Google’s Wear OS, support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC, and has a 415 mAh battery that’s good for up to 2 days of battery life. […]