Will smartwatches help tablets replace smartphones?

Hot on the heels of the Pebble smartwatch’s success, another company launched a Kickstarter campaign for a watch that does more. Martian Watches have mostly normal clockfaces instead of e-ink displays; the big story here is that you can issue voice commands through these wrist huggers and conduct voice calls. Given the success of smartwatches […]

Firefox OS is going to look right at home on mobile phones

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is a smartphone operating system designed to run web apps written in HTML5 and related web technologies. But that doesn’t mean devices running Mozilla’s operating system will look like web browsers rather than phones. The first Firefox OS phones are expected to launch in Latin America in early 2013. Meanwhile, work on […]

Orange to launch Intel-powered smartphone this summer

Chip maker Intel has been working on mobile chips with reduced power consumption for some time… and this year we’ll see the first smartphones powered by Intel’s new Medfield processors with x86 architecture rather than ARM designs. European mobile carrier Orange has announced that it will launch its first Intel-powered phone in the UK and […]

Ubuntu for Android brings a desktop OS to Android smartphones

You know how people like to say that today’s smartphones are more powerful than the computers that NASA used to send astronauts to the moon in the ’60s? Well, that’s not saying much, because those early computers were small potatoes. But how about this: modern smartphones are powerful enough to act as full-fledged desktop computers. […]

Intel: Atom powered smartphones, netbooks to cost $199 to $299

Intel makes processors, not laptops, tablets, or phones. So the company doesn’t actually get to decide what price PC or phone makers will charge for its products — but it can certainly set guidelines. And according to information obtained by Fudzilla, that’s exactly what the company is doing. Intel plans to release its first low-power […]

Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple last quarter

It’s been a little while since Google Android smartphones overtook iPhones in the market. But while more people buy phones with Google’s software than Apple’s, up until now there was no single company that sold more Android phones than Apple sold iPhones. Now Samsung has reported that it shipped 27.8 million smartphones last quarter. According […]

RIM unveils BlackBerry OS 7, enterprise solution for Android, iOS and more

Research in Motion unveiled a new video chat app for the BlackBerry PlayBook this morning. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The company also introduced the next version of its smartphone operating system, software that lets BlackBerry users keep personal and professional data on their phones without jeopardizing corporate security, a solution allowing IT […]