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Vivo patents a smartphone with a flying drone camera system built in

Smartphone makers have been using camera features to help set their devices apart for years. Some phones take stellar shots from one or two cameras. Others have a bunch of cameras to cover everything from wide-angle to telephoto photography. Now it looks like Chinese phone maker Vivo is considering something different. Very different. The company […]

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OnePlus 9 smartphone will be the first with a Hasselblad camera system

At a time when many top smartphones have the same processor, memory, and display options, camera technology remains a way that some phone makers try to set their devices apart. Sometimes that means putting new types of cameras in a phone. Sometimes it means stepping up image quality via software. And sometimes in means partnering […]

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Build a Home Projector for Your Smartphone, No Experience Necessary

My best friend is moving to another state next month. Around Christmas, he told everyone that he didn’t want any gifts because it would just mean having to cart more stuff across the country. He isn’t even bringing his television set with him. Of course, I couldn’t just skip giving him a present, and gift […]

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Sony’s new image sensor could make smartphone cameras better

Sony has introduced a new image sensor for smartphone cameras which could bring some of the features found in high-end, mirrorless cameras to smartphones. The Sony Exmor RS IMX230 image sensor should be available starting in April, 2015. The sensor supports 21 megapixel images, but it takes more than megapixels to make a good photo. […]