Nokia still working on an ARM-based smartbook?

Did that rumored $799 price tag for the Nokia Booklet 3G turn you off? Well, first, it’s just a rumor at this point. And second, it looks like the Booklet might not be the only clamshell laptop-style device coming from Nokia. DigiTimes reports that the cellphone maker is working with Taiwanese netbook makers to produce […]

Asus has no plans to launch an ARM, Android-based smartbook anytime soon

Asus teased a few journalists and bloggers with a prototype of a netbook running Google Android and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragom processor on the eve of Computex in June. But the prototype hasn’t been seen since, and according to PC World, it may never see the light of day. Asus CEO Jerry Shen reportedly […]

Microsoft pushes Windows Embedded for Smartbooks, ARM-powered devices

Microsoft has no plans to port Windows 7 to run on ARM processors. At least, no official plans. Instead, the company is suggesting that PC makers using ARM-based chips for their netbooks or “smartbooks” go with Windows Embedded CE, which can support devices with ARM, x86, and MIPS based rocessors. IDG’s Dan Nystedt got a […]

Why ARM based Smartbooks might fail… and why they might not

There are two major trends in the netbook space today. On the one hand, PC makers are putting out ultraportable laptops with bigger screens and keyboards and faster processors. We’re talking 11 and 12 inch models with Intel CULV or AMD NEO chips. These machines might not strictly fit last year’s definition of a netbook. […]

Intel hasn’t validated Windows 7 Home Premium for Atom… yet – Video

I stopped by a panel discussion at the CEA Line Show today moderated by Laptop Magazine‘s Mark Spoonauer.  The panel included executives from Samsung, HP, Verizon, and Intel talking about the current state of netbooks as well as the future. Afterward, I got a chance to catch up with Intel General Manager for nettops and […]