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Alcatel OneTouch smartphone accessories include a $130 smartwatch and a laptop dock

In addition to launching new smartphones and tablets this week, Alcatel OneTouch is unveiling some new smartphone accessories including an inexpensive smartwatch. Engadget reports the watch will sell for just  €99, or about $130, although it’s not clear when it will be hit the streets or what markets it will be available in. The watch has a […]

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Qualcomm developing quad-core ARM chip for Windows 8 laptops

Chip-maker Qualcomm makes low power processors for smartphones and tablets. A few years ago the company also wanted to see its chips in small laptop-like devices it called smartbooks, but that form factor never took off. That could change when Windows 8 hits the streets later this year. Windows 8 will be the first full […]

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Asus, Genesi will see your $200 netbook and lower you with a cheaper one

Sure, Asus is making waves with its plans to launch a $200 Eee PC X101 netbook soon. But a company named Genesi has been offering a 10 inch mini-laptop for $199 since February. It’s called the Genesi Efika MX. Now the company is working on a new platform that could be even cheaper. The secret […]

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Qualcomm wins trademark battle over the term smartbook… if anybody cares

A few years ago Qualcomm coined the term “smartbook” to describe netbook-like mini-laptops with smartphone-like chips that enabled 3G connectivity, always on internet access, and all-day battery life. Then a company called Smartbook AG, which had been selling laptops in Germany under the Smartbook moniker cried foul and said that Qualcomm was violating its trademark. […]

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Shenzhen Firstview keeps the Android netbook flame alive

Last year at CES you couldn’t walk more than a few feet without running into a cheap Chinese netbook with an ARM-based processor running Google Android or Linux. This year, they’re few and far between as companies have largely replaced them with trendier tablets. But I wandered into the Shenzhen Firstview booth this week and […]

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Toshiba AC100 hacked to run Ubuntu Linux – video

The Toshiba AC100 is one of the first netbook-style devices to ship with Google Android installed. The operating system is typically installed on smartphones or tablets with touchscreen devices — not computers with keyboards and touchpads. The Toshiba AC100, on the other hand, looks like a netbook, with a 10 inch. 1024 x 600 pixel […]