Razer unveils Nabu X: $50 activity tracker

Razer unveiled its Nabu smartband at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, although the company didn’t really get around to launching the wearable activity tracker until closer to the end of 2014. Now the company is announcing a new model at CES 2015. The Razer Nabu X is cheaper and a bit less capable. But it’ll […]

Kairos T-band smart watchband works with your normal watch (crowdfunding)

Say you’re a fan of good old fashioned analog watches, but you kind of like the idea of being able to view notifications, track fitness stats, and control music playback using a wrist-worn device. Kairos has an interesting solution: keep your old watch, but replace the wrist strap with a smart band. The company is […]

Sony SmartBand activity tracker now available for $100

Sony’s SmartBand is the first wearable device from the Japanese electronics company, and it’s a fitness and activity tracker designed to pair with your smartphone and help you keep track of your movements and fitness goals… as well as your social interactions and other aspects of your digital life. Introduced at CES in January, the […]

Acer’s first wearable smartband coming in July

Acer plans to launch its first smart wearable product this summer. The upcoming wristband is a 17mm device that will support activity tracking, smartphone notifications and other features — but the goal is to offer a simple device. It’s expected to be called the Acer Liquid Leap. Some smartwatch makers are taking a more-is-more approach […]

Sony SmartBand activity tracker coming in March

Sony is launching its first wearable fitness tracker in March. But the company’s not stopping with tracking fitness activity. When you pair the Sony SmartBand with Sony’s Lifelog application you can also use it to keep track of places you’ve been, songs you’ve listened too, books you’ve read, and other data. We first saw the […]