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Lilbits (5-12-2014): Tizen is coming

Tizen is an open source, Linux-based operating system that rose out of the ashes of the dead-before-their-time MeeGo, Moblin, and Maemo operating systems. It’s not a continuation of those products like Sailfish so much as a replacement operating system with the same key backers including Samsung and Intel. Samsung reportedly sees Tizen as an opportunity […]

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Firefox OS expands to TVs, new phones, and other platforms

Firefox OS is a light weight operating system designed to run web apps. Originally designed to run on smartphones, Mozilla is now working with partners to expand the range of devices that run the software. Chip-maker VIA is adding support for Firefox OS to its APC Rock and Paper developer boards, Panasonic is bringing it […]

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WebOS is back… and this time it’s on (LG) smart TVs

The first internet-connected televisions running webOS software are set to hit the streets this year. LG acquired the assets of webOS from HP after the computer maker basically scrapped its webOS smartphone and tablet division. But LG had no plans to launch its own mobile devices powered by webOS. Instead the company has adapted the […]

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Vizio Co-Star LT is an $80 internet media streaming box

The Vizo Co-Star LT is an $80 box that you can plug into your TV to stream movies, TV shows, music and other internet content to your TV. It supports dozens of apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant VIdeo, YouTube, Vudu, and iHeart Radio. In other words it’s a lot like the original Vizio Co-Star, […]

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Sceptre makes TVs smarter, louder with Android-powered SoundBar SB301524W

There are plenty of cheap Android boxes that let you run apps, surf the web, and stream internet video on a TV. But most tend to use HDMI output for the audio, which means they pretty much use your TV’s speakers for sound. Spectre has another solution: They’ve basically built an Android 4.0 mini PC […]

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webOS isn’t (entirely) dead… LG’s buying it to use for smart TVs

About 18 months after HP pulled the plug on all of its phones and tablets running webOS, it looks like the operating system might have found a new home. HP has spent much of the last year converting webOS into an open source project and ostensibly looking for partners that might license it for use […]

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Samsung Evolution Kit will turn last year’s Smart TVs into this year’s models

Samsung’s upcoming “Evolution Kit” that you can plug into the back of a 2012 model Samsung Smart TV to effectively turn it into a 2013 model. The kit features CPU and graphics upgrades which should improve performance of apps, web browsing, and other activities. In other words, the Kit sounds an awful lot like the […]

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LG could launch a smart TV powered by Open webOS

Now that HP has released an open source version of the webOS operating system, it’s available for pretty much anyone to mold to fit their needs. So far that’s mostly meant that we’ve seen independent developers port the operating system to run on Android phones and tablets. But Korean electronics giant LG could be planning […]