Researchers expose Amazon, Google smart speaker vulnerability that could let malicious apps spy on you

The smart speaker space has exploded over the past few years, as Amazon, Google, Apple, and others have continued to crank out internet-connected, voice activated speakers that you can control by talking to them. But some folks have been wary of putting devices with always-listening microphones in their homes, and reports have indicated that there’s […]

Google’s Android Things is now aimed at OEM partners building Smart Speakers and Displays

When Google launched the Android Things platform a few years ago, the idea was to offer an Android-based operating system for Internet of Things gadgets as well as a platform that anyone could use to build IoT projects using Google’s SDK and popular devices like a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Now Google says it’s […]

Amazon takes another baby step toward paying Alexa skill developers

Mobile app stores are filled with a combination of free and paid apps and games, with many of the free titles subsidized by ads or optional in-app purchases. But so far we haven’t really seen that replicated in the brave new world of third-party apps or “skills” for smart speakers and voice interfaces. You can […]