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That smart jacket from Levi’s and Google? You can only wash it 10 times

So there’s a school of thought that you never really have to wash denim jeans, and I suppose the same probably goes for denim jackets. But when Google and Levi’s announced that the first smart jacket with Google’s Project Jacquard technology built in would go on sale this week, one of the key selling points […]

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HP ElitePad 900: Windows 8 tablet with “smart jackets” to add functionality

HP will launch a Windows 8 tablet aimed at enterprise customers in early 2013. It’s called the HP ElitePad 900, and it’s expected to go on sale starting in January. Pricing hasn’t been set yet. Designed for business customers, the ElitePad 900 is a 10 inch tablet with a capacitive touchscreen for user with your […]