Tado’s Smart AC Control turns Window AC units into smart home devices

With all of the news coming out about connected homes and systems that let you remotely control the temperature in your house, it is easy to forget that there are plenty of homes that don’t central heating and cooling systems that are compatible with smart thermostats like Nest. In my hometown, most apartments, and even […]

Smart home gadgets with support for Apple HomeKit are now available

Five tech companies are now selling smart-home products that work with Apple’s HomeKit SDK. The products which can light your living room, cool your kitchen, and more will be hitting the market throughout this summer. Lutron, Ecobee, Elgato, Insteon, and iHome are among the first to support HomeKit. Gadgets range in price from as low as $50 to […]

Lilbits (10-10-2014): Intel Skylake cometh (after Broadwell)

The first computers with Intel Broadwell (5th-generation Core) processors are just starting to arrive, and most Broadwell chips won’t be ready until early 2015. But Intel is already working on the processors that will replace Broadwell. Skylake processors will use as little as 4 watts (for the next-gen Core M processor), but most laptop chips in […]

Google’s Nest thermostat becomes a smart home hub with developer program

Nest makes smart home products including a thermostat that learns from your behavior and adjusts the temperature automatically and a connected smoke detector. Google spent over $3 billion to acquire Nest in January… suggesting that the company saw big potential in the idea of connected home products. Now Nest is launching a Works with Nest […]

Samsung wants to bring together your phone, watch, TV, and washing machine

Samsung makes a wide range of devices from smartphones and laptops to cameras, TVs, refrigerators and washing machines. Now the company is launching a platform that brings them together, letting you control a wide range of devices using a single system. It’s called Samsung Smart Home, and the idea is that users will be able […]