Amazon teaches Alexa a bunch of new tricks, turns it into a security system (and more)

Amazon’s Alexa voice service already lets you get answers to questions, listen to music, news updates, or weather forecasts, play games, or control smart home gadgets with your voice. But in addition to launching a bunch of new hardware today, Amazon unveiled some upcoming Alexa features that could make the company’s voice assistant technology even […]

Roku to launch voice assistant and whole home audio support

Roku makes some of the most popular media streaming devices for TVs, and for the past few years the company has also been licensing its software to TV makers so that you can buy a TV that has Roku functionality baked in. Now the company is getting ready to expand its licensing program with a […]

Apple’s Siri-powered Echo competitor’s key selling point: It’s an Apple product

Amazon may have launched the smart speaker market with the introduction of its first Echo device a few years ago. But these days you can also opt for a Google Home with similar functionality, and soon you’ll start to find speakers that use Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant. Apple wants in on the action too. There’ve […]

Essential Home smart home assistant is gunning for Amazon Echo

Essential Products isn’t just introducing a new smartphone. The company also has its sights on the smart home/smart speaker space. Essential’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home is called Essential Home and it’s coming… soon. There’s no word on the launch date or price, and the company is just starting to give us […]

Compal Jupiter II smart assistant hits the FCC (voice control, camera, and home automation)

A new voice-controlled smart home speaker showed up at the FCC website, and while it looks a bit like an Amazon Echo, the new Jupiter II smart assistant is actually a product from Taiwanese equipment maker Compal Electronics. The cylindrical device is described as an “all-in-one Smart Assistant” and features a camera, an array of […]