Band Unlocker keeps the Microsoft Band useful long past its sell-by date

The problem with modern “smart” gadgets is that many of them become pretty dumb once they’re no longer supported by the manufacturer. So when Microsoft discontinued the Microsoft Band 2 wearable activity tracker a few years ago, it was helpful that the company continued offering support its companion website and mobile apps… until mid-2019. That effectively […]

The trouble with connected devices: Nokia’s Body Cardio scale is about to lose a key feature

The Nokia Body Cardio is a $180 scale that you can step on to measure your weight, BMI, heart rate, muscle mass, and other stats. It can also sync with a mobile app on your phone via Bluetooth and connect to the internet via WiFi. That internet connection lets the scale display weather forecasts and […]

Reports: SmartQ U7 tablet with built-in projector is a surprisingly decent video player

Smart Devices introduced a 7 inch Android tablet with a built-in projector last year, and now that the SmartQ U7 is available in the US, a handful of reviews are starting to pop up. While the basic tablet specs are nothing to write home about, GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel and TIME’s Jared Newman both seem moderately […]