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Slax 9.5 released: light-weight, modular Linux distro that runs from a flash drive

Slax is an operating system designed to be run from a USB flash drive, allowing you to carry all your software in your pocket. Just plug it into a computer to boot into Slax, then shut down the PC and remove the flash drive when you’re done. While it’s actually pretty easy to do this […]

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Slax 7 coming soon: Light-weight Linux distro that runs from a USB thumb drive

Slax is a Linux-based operating system that you can run from a CD or USB flash drive. Developer Tomáš Matějíček is getting ready to release version 7, and this week he’s launched the first release candidate of Slax 7. It’s a fully-functional operating system that weighs in at less than 190MB and which runs well on […]