Skytone Alpha 680 netbook with Google Android reviewed – Video

The Skytone Alpha 680 is one of the first netbooks to ship with the Google Android operating system preinstalled. And to be honest, Android might not be the best choice for this netbook. The company clearly didn’t spend a lot of time customizing the OS to play well with the hardware, and instead basically threw […]

First look at the Skytone Alpha 680 with Google Android – Video

The Skytone Alpha 680 is expected to be the first commercially available netbook to use the Google Android operating system instead of Windows or a fuller featured Linux distribution. And based on a series of demo videos posted to YouTube, I’m a bit underwhelmed. Not that I was expecting much. There are a lot of […]

Skytone introduces the first Google Android powered netbook

The Skytone Alpha 680 is the first consumer oriented netbook to be powered byt he Google Android operating system. Chinese electronics maker Skytone isn’t exactly a household name. But the company’s been pumping out super-cheap netbooks with Xburst and ARM processors for while. The Alpha 680 actually looks a lot like Skytone’s Alpha 600 series netbook, […]