Microsoft is pushing users to upgrade to Skype 8, will stop support Skype 7

Microsoft has released an updated version of Skype 8 for desktop users… and encouraging users to upgrade soon. Starting in September you won’t be able to use Skype 7 for desktop anymore. The company actually rolled out an updated design for its video, voice, and text chat app that was met with mixed reviews last […]

Skype is dropping support for older operating systems

Skype’s apps for chatting and making voice or video calls have been around longer than Facetime, Hangouts, WhatsApp, or most other modern-day alternatives. But the Skype team has been making major changes in recent years and as the latest step in transitioning from a peer-to-peer communications app to a cloud-hosted one, Skype’s Gurdeep Pall says […]

Microsoft updates Skype for Linux, brings Skype calling to Chromebooks

Microsoft has updated its Skype client for Linux for the first time since 2014. The new Skype for Linux Alpha featured an updated user interface and an entirely new architecture — it doesn’t yet have all the features available for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. But it uses the same calling architecture as Skype for those platforms, […]

Windows 10 won’t include “Messaging everywhere” feature (but Skype will)

The next major version of Windows 10 is coming August 2nd, but one feature that’s been available to members of the Windows Insider preview program won’t be included: Messaging Everywhere. This is a feature that lets users with a Windows 10 phone and a Windows 10 PC respond to text messages from a computer. It’s been […]

Xiaomi phones to include Skype, Office thanks to Microsoft Deal

US software company Microsoft and Chinese device maker Xiaomi have announced a partnership that will lead to Microsoft apps including Skype and Office being pre-loaded on Xiaomi’s Android-powered phones and tablets. Microsoft has also sold about 1,500 patents to Xiaomi and the deal also includes a cross-license agreement. Microsoft says Xiaomi’s Android devices including the […]

Use Skype in a web browser, no plugins required

Want to use Skype to make voice or video calls, but don’t want to actually install the app on your computer? No problem. Skype now works in a web browser. And when I say a web browser, I mean Microsoft Edge. But Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are also expected to be supported in the future. Microsoft […]

Microsoft’s vision for future of Skype, Cortana: bots talking to bots

Microsoft is betting big that the way humans will interact with machines in the future is using natural language. That’s why the company launched the ill-fated Tay Twitter bot last week. It wast just one of a number of chat bots the company is working on to bring machine learning to play, allowing its software to […]

Skype Translator gets additional support, now available to all Windows users

The Skype for Windows desktop app’s real-time translation feature, which allows users to communicate in different languages using voice or text translation, has just been opened up to more Windows-based computers. Previously, you could only use Translator if you were running Windows 8.1 or 10. With this new update, anyone on a Windows PC, Windows […]

Microsoft kills Skype “Modern” app to focus on Skype for Desktop

There are Skype apps for OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and a number of other platforms. But there are two versions of the communications app for Windows… or at least there will be until July 7th. That’s when Microsoft plans to shut down one of its Skype apps and direct users to download the other instead. […]