Lilbits: Windows Terminal, Chrome, Firefox, Signal on Linux phones, Netflix will be the Netflix for games after all

Microsoft has released a new preview version of the Windows Terminal app that builds on the “quake mode” feature introduced earlier this year, allowing you to open a terminal from any screen using a hotkey. Now when you dismiss that window, it minimizes to the system tray by default. Other changes include an updated Settings […]

Punkt MP02 voice phone now supports encrypted Signal calls and text messages

The Punkt MP02 is a $349 cellphone with an emphasis on simplicity. It has a 2 inch black and white display, a numeric keypad, and an emphasis on phone calls and text messages. First released in 2018, the phone has some modern features that set it apart from old-school dumb phones, including support for 4G […]

WhatsApp messages might not be a secure as you think, but not because of a backdoor

Mobile messaging app WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world, and while many use it as a convenient way to chat, send pictures, and generally keep in touch with friends and family, there’s another nifty thing about WhatsApp: it promises secure, encrypted communications. But does it deliver on that promise? Kind of. […]