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WSJ: Amazon plans to take on FedEx and UPS in the business-to-consumer shipping space

Buy a package from Amazon and if you’re in the United States it might be shipped by the US Postal Service, UPS, or Amazon’s own shipping network. But soon that Amazon might start shipping items you don’t buy from the company itself. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is getting ready to launch a new service […]

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Google Express ends membership fees for free shipping from dozens of stores (including Walmart)

Google Express is a service that offers free delivery on thousands of items from dozens of stores including Target, Costco, Walgreens, Petsmart, Kohl’s, Toys R Us, and the Google Store. Now Google has announced that Walmart is joining Google Express… and that membership fees are going away. Up until now you had to pay $10 […]

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Walmart’s Amazon Prime competitor ditches the annual fee for free 2-day shipping

Pay $99 for an Amazon Prime membership and Amazon will give you free 2-day shipping on millions of items… as well as access to a library of digital movies, TV shows, music, and eBooks. Few companies have the resources to offer all of those things for one monthly price. But Walmart decided to try the […]

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Xiaomi uses Uber to deliver smartphones in minutes (in select markets)

Want to order the latest smartphone online, but don’t want to actually wait for it to arrive? Xiaomi has a solution: the company is using Uber drivers to deliver smartphones to customers in Singapore and Malaysia. Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra says shoppers can order a Mi Note smartphone and get it delivered “within a few minutes.” […]

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Walmart to take on Amazon Prime with $50 per year free shipping

Walmart plans to take a page out of Amazon’s book and offer free shipping to subscribers who pay an annual fee. But Walmart’s service will be half the price of an Amazon Prime membership… and it also won’t include as many goodies. For $99 per year Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping on many […]

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Newegg Premier offers free shipping for $50 year, isn’t quite Amazon Prime

Just as Amazon is considering raising the price of its Amazon Prime subscription service, competitor Newegg is launching its own subscription-based program that offers free shipping to frequent shoppers. Newegg Premier offers free 3-day shipping or discounts on faster shipping to customers who pay $50 per year. There’s also no restocking fee for returns and […]

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Amazon working on half-hour delivery-by-drone service: Amazon Prime Air

Amazon offers a range of shipping options, including free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers and free 5-8 day shipping for customers that spend $35 or more on select items. Soon there may be another option: Delivery within a half hour… by air… by autonomous drone. Seriously. The company is working on a project it […]

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USPS prohibits international Li-Ion battery shipments

Starting on May 16th, 2012 you’ll no longer be able to use the US Postal Service to ship any item overseas if it contains a lithium-ion battery. That includes most recent laptops, tablets, and phones. Fast Company reports that new Postal Service regulations are a response to two airplane crashes which have been attributed to […]