Shell smartwatch can transform into a handheld phone, or transformer other watches into phones (crowdfunding)

There are a handful of smartwatches that support 4G LTE connectivity, and you can even use some to make phone calls… if you don’t mind talking to your wrist or using a Bluetooth headset. But the Shell smartwatch is different thanks to a design that makes it comfortable to wear on your wrist… but with […]

Report: Windows 10 update will bring the same “adaptive shell” UI to phones, tablets, Xbox, and other devices

Windows 10 may be Microsoft’s operating system for a wide range of devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, the Xbox One game console, and the wearable HoloLens augmented reality computer. But while all of those devices use the same Windows OneCore subsystem, the user interface varies from platform to platform thanks to a series of different […]