Sharp launches a $230 phone with a Snapdragon 835 chip

Most mid-range smartphones feature mid-range chips designed for that purpose. But Japanese electronics company Sharp is taking a different approach with its newest phone. The Sharp Aquos V is a $230 smartphone powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. That’s a flagship-class processor… that’s about two years old. As long as companies like Sharp don’t […]

Sharp WG-PN1 is a $210 “electronic notebook” with ePaper display (Japan only)

Japanese electronics company Sharp has been offering a line of “electronic notebooks” for the past few years, with each model featuring a black and white display, a digital pen for writing or drawing, and a promise of battery life measured in days not hours. The latest version is called the WG-PN1, and it’s set to […]

Sharp Aquos zero2 is the first phone with a 240 Hz display*

Most smartphones feature 60Hz displays, which means the screen refreshes 60 times per second. But gaming company Razer shook things up a few years ago with the launch of the first smartphone featuring a 120Hz display. Since then a few other companies have jumped on the high-refresh-rate bandwagon. The Asus Rog Phone 2 has a […]

Sharp’s flexible smartphone display folds in half… the other way

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone closes up like a book when you want to fold it in half. So does Huawei’s, Oppo’s and most of the other upcoming models we’ve seen so far (except for Xiaomi’s prototype, which has a tri-fold wallet-like design). But Sharp is showing off a prototype of a smartphone display that folds […]

Dynabook Americas is the new name for what used to be Toshiba’s PC business in the United States

After scaling back its consumer PC offerings and focusing primarily on the enterprise market, Toshiba sold its PC business to Sharp last year. But that business continued to operate as a subsidiary called Toshiba Client Solutions… until now. Starting today, Toshiba America Client Solutions will be known as Dynabook Americas. That means the next time […]

Sharp to buy Toshiba’s PC business

Toshiba has scaled back its PC business in recent years, but the company continues to offer a small selection of laptops, tablets, and convertibles, primarily with a focus on premium and business-class devices. But Toshiba’s PC business will soon be under new management: Toshiba has announced it’s selling the subsidiary that makes Toshiba-branded computers to Sharp. […]

Sharp’s new displays include smartphone screen with round corners, super-sharp VR display

Sharp is showing off a bunch of new displays at the CEATEC show in Japan this week, including a 2.87 inch display with 1,008 pixels per inch designed for virtual reality systems and other head-mounted displays and an unusual looking smartphone-sized display with rounded corners that could be used for nearly bezel-free phones. It’s not […]