Windows Server is coming to ARM, Qualcomm servers coming to MS data centers

An upcoming version of Windows 10 for PCs is expected to support ARM-based chips, starting with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. Now it looks like Microsoft is also working with Qualcomm to bring ARM support to its Windows Server operating system. The companies have announced a collaboration that will result in Microsoft using Qualcomm’s Centriq 2400 […]

Lenovo unveils 48TB SSD, Seagate shoots for 60 terabytes, making Samsung’s 32TB SSD seem small(ish)

Remember last summer when Samsung introduced a 16TB solid state drive? That’s nothing. This week Seagate announced that it’s working on a 60 terabyte SSD, and Lenovo is also working on a 48TB SSD. Sadly, neither of these storage devices is likely to show up in your next laptop. Both Lenovo and Seagate are positioning their […]

LeMaker Cello dev board features AMD’s 64-bit ARM chip

Chip maker AMD has long been competing with Intel and NVIDIA in the desktop CPU and graphics spaces, but recently the company tried going after the low-power service chip space with the introduction of its first ARM-based processors. While those chips are designed for servers rather than consumer applications, they could pave the way for other future […]

AMD exit “dense server” business, puts SeaMicro brand to sleep

AMD may be best known for making processors and graphics cards that are used in some laptop and desktop computers. But a few years ago AMD acquired a company called SeaMicro which had been building “dense servers” that packed hundreds of small, low-power chips together to create high-performance, low-power servers. Now AMD is getting out of […]

AMD’s first ARM chip is a 64-bit, 8-core doozy (aimed at servers)

As expected, chip maker AMD is launching its first processor based on ARM technology. And as expected, it’s aimed at servers rather than smartphones, tablets, set-top-boxes, or the other places you usually find ARM chips. That said, for a first entry, the AMD Opteron A1100 Series is no joke. It’s one of the first 64-bit […]

Lenovo to buy IBM’s x86 server business for $2.3 billion

Chinese PC maker Lenovo might qualify for a frequent buyer’s discount with IBM. In 2005 Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business along with the ThinkPad brand. Now Lenovo has announced plans to acquire IBM’s x86 server division for $2.3 billion. IBM isn’t giving up its entire server division in the deal. The company is holding […]

AMD goes “ambidextrous,” will produces ARM, x86 chips in 2014

AMD is unveiling is roadmap for next-generation processors for servers and embedded computing devices, and for the first time ARM-based chips are on the map. In addition to next-generation x86 chips and discrete graphics chips for embedded devices, the company plans to start offering ARM-based chips in 2014.   AMD’s first ARM-based chips will be […]

Lilbits (9-04-2013): Next-gen Microsoft Surface details leaked… or made up?

Microsoft introduced the original Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets about a year ago when the company launched Windows 8. With Windows 8.1 coming in October, and with most consumer electronics companies habitually releasing new models every year, it seems likely that new models are on the way. Reports from multiple sources (including Neowin,, […]

AMD’s first ARM-based chips coming to servers in 2014

Chip maker AMD is starting to provide details about its first ARM-based processors, and while the new chip are more efficient than a typical x86 processor, they’re kind of low-power powerhouses. In mid-2014 AMD will start shipping ARM-based chips code-named “Seattle,” packing up to 16 ARM Cortex-A57 processor cores. AMD Seattle chips will be 64-bit […]

Update: HP’s low-power Moonshot servers will support x86, ARM chips

Yesterday HP announced that it had begun testing the first low-power servers based on its Project Moonshot designs, and that the new servers could enter production later this year. Last year when HP unveiled its plans to invest in new low-power server technology, the company was focusing on technology featuring clusters of ARM-based chips. Since […]