Samsung brings auto-brightness to phones without ambient light sensor

Most high-end smartphones have an ambient light sensor that can be used to determine how bright your phone’s display should be. If you’re in a dimly lit environment, the screen doesn’t need to be very bright to be visible. But if you’re outdoors on a sunny day, the screen brightness should probably be cranked way […]

Microsoft Research unveils Project Zanzibar mat that interacts with real-world objects

Microsoft Research has unveiled a new portable, flexible mat with a bunch of sensors so that it can detect touch input, gestures made in the air above the mat, or objects placed upon it. The Project Zanzibar mat uses a combination of capacitive touch sensors and NFC (near field communication) to track objects in real-time, […]

Now you can build your own tricorder… sort of

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek told a tale of a future society where scientific exploration and curiosity were highly valued, racial and ethnic disputes on Earth were a thing of the past (although getting along with aliens is a bit more challenging), and wearing a red shirt is never a good idea. But one Star Trek […]

Intel showcases ultrabook concepts with touch, sensors, more

Intel is showing off new concepts for upcoming thin and light laptops, or ultrabook computers. New feature Intel envisions include laptops with touchscreen displays, g-sensors and accelerometers, and gesture-based input that lets you interact with a computer without even touching it. One of the coolest new concepts is something Intel calls Nikiski. It’s a thin […]