Stikbox hides your selfie stick in plain sight

The Stikbox is a smartphone case with the added bonus of having a selfie stick built right in. The company behind this convenient invention is seeking about $50,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter to put it into mass production. The iPhone fitted case is a simple hard shell cover that is relatively thin. That is, until […]

Huawei Honor 7i smartphone has a flip-out camera that faces front or back

Some smartphone makers are catering to the selfie snapping crowd by producing phones with high-quality front-facing cameras to compliment the cameras on the back of their phones. But every now and then we see a different approach: like the Huawei Honor 7i which only has one camera… but it’s a camera which can flip out […]

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra, Xperia M5 phone sport 13MP front cameras

As expected, Sony has officially launched two new smartphones, including one model with a 6 inch display and super-thin side bezels, and a smaller model with a mid-range price tag, but a few unusual features. One thing that both both the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra and Sony Xperia M5 have in common is their selfie-friendly, front-facing […]

Oppo N3 smartphone’s motorized camera swivels to face the front or back

Some smartphone makers help users take better selfies by building phones with high-quality front-facing cameras. Others just give you a high-quality rear camera… and a swivel that lets you rotate the camera so it faces the front of the phone. Last year Oppo introduced the N1 phone with a rotating camera. This year the company’s […]

HTC introduces the Desire Eye smartphone with 13MP front and rear cameras

As expected, HTC has introduced a new smartphone featuring 13MP wide-angle cameras on both the front and back. It’s called the HTC Desire Eye, and not only does it have a high-quality front-facing camera, it also includes a new suite of apps designed for snapping selfies. The HTC Eye Experience software will also roll out […]

Leaks: HTC Desire Eye smartphone has 13MP front and rear cameras

Over the last few years smartphone makers have taken big steps to help you take better photos using the cameras on the back of their phones. More recently they’ve started tackling the front-facing cameras. Front cameras can be used for video calls… or for the popular but much-maligned “selfie.” HTC’s next selfie-friendly phone could be […]