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Cyanogen is now a self-driving vehicle company called Cyngn

Sometimes an ambitious young company will make a splash… and then sink. But the folks at the company formerly known as Cyanogen Inc are trying to pivot instead. Originally founded by a group of developers of the open source, community-based CyanogenMod custom version of Android, the company tried to build a commercial version of that […]

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Report: Google’s self-driving cars to spin off as a new company

Google has been working on self-driving cars for a few years, and the company’s prototypes have driven more than a million miles so far. So what does the future hold for Google’s ambitious plans to free you from the responsibility of steering, braking, and navigating? According to a report from Bloomberg, one day you might […]

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Lilbits (5-28-2014): Google designs its own self driving cars

Google has a habit of working on crazy sci-fi projects like delivering internet access to underserved parts of the globe with balloons and developing cars that drive themselves. Up until recently, those self-driving cars were basically commercially available vehicles that had been retrofitted to work without user input. Now Google’s going all out and building […]