Android tablets to support disk encryption

While Research in Motion has been pushing the business-friendly features of the company’s upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, it looks like the Motorola XOOM tablet will have some business/security features of its own. Engadget reports that the Android device hasa n “Encrypt Tablet option tucked away in the settings. This feature would let you encrypt all […]

You don’t have to remove iPad, netbooks from bags at American airports

I noticed a story making the rounds yesterday about how the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) had decided that travelers would be able to keep their iPads in their bags while passing through X-Ray machines. And I kind of ignored the news… until I noticed that it’s not just iPads, but all electronics smaller than a […]

Kaspersky introduces netbook-specific security suite

Internet security software provider Kaspersky has introduced a new product designed specifically for ultra-portables. It’s designed to work on netbooks and other small notebooks with Intel Atom, Celeron-M, or VIA-C7-M processors that are running Windows XP. It’s been tested to work on netbooks from Acer, Asus, MSI, and Samsung. So what exactly makes this product […]