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Handwrite your searches with Google’s new feature

Google Handwrite is a new search tool for smartphone and tablet users. Instead of using the keyboard, users can now write out their searches on the screen. Handwrite translates your chicken scratch to text and inserts it in the search box. The tool is available to phones with Android 2.3 and up and tablets with […]

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Yahoo launches Axis search tool for desktop, browser for mobile

Yahoo has launched a new web search tool called Axis. It lets you view search results instantly as you type, with thumbnail previews of web pages appearing next to the search box. Axis can also synchronize your browser bookmarks and search history between devices, even allowing you to pick up browsing on a mobile device […]

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Google brings voice, search-by-image to web, instant page loads to Chrome browser

Google is holding an event to talk about improvements in search technology today, and the company has outlined a number of pretty cool new features for mobile, web, and Google Chrome browser-based searches. Instant Pages One of the most impressive new features is something called Instant Pages, which will allow users to load web pages […]