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EU antitrust officials accuse Google of abusing its monopoly position in search, maybe smartphones

The European Commission has been looking into questions of whether Google has been using its dominant position in search to violate European Union antitrust rules — and the commission has sent a Statement of Objection suggesting that the US-based search company’s shopping comparison system may cross that line. The Commission has also started looking into […]

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Microsoft Torque brings Bing voice search to Android phones

Microsoft’s Bing Torque Search app lets you search the web, get a weather forecast, calculate math problems, or perform other actions using your voice. Torque launched in October as an app for Android Wear smartwatches. Now it’s available for Android phone as well. All you need to do to start Torque is shake your phone […]

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Disconnect offers private search on Android, web

Say you like the search results you get from Google, but don’t like the idea of a big company tracking your search queries. Disconnect has an interesting solution. Instead of switching to a more privacy-centric search engine like DuckDuckGo, Disconnect lets you search Google, Bing, or other major sites (including DuckDuckGo). But Disconnect hides all […]

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Google Search for Android now shows relevant apps in results

Say you’re using your phone to search for a movie or actor and the best search result Google provides takes you to the IMDB website… but you’ve already got the IMDB app installed on your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tap a button to bring up the relevant page in the […]

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Lilbits (10-24-2013): if convertible wants to be your phone, tablet, laptop

Tired of carrying a smartphone, tablet, and notebook around? While Asus is trying to simplify things with products like the Asus Padfone that let your phone act as the brains of a tablet, a group called idealfuture has another idea. They’re trying to raise $100,000 through crowdfunding site Indiegogo to build a device called the […]

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Dolphin Browser for Android adds themes, search engine partners

The makers of the Dolphin web browser for Android have released an update bringing support for themes and wallpapers. You can customize the look and feel of the browser by choosing colors or setting a photo from your device as the background. While that’s probably the most visible change in Dolphin 10.1, the developers have […]

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Feedly updates its RSS apps, but removes a favorite feature (for now)

Since Google has announced plans to shut down Google Reader this summer, a number of companies have tried to attract long-time Reader users. Digg plans to launch a new RSS reader, and existing cloud-based news reader NewsBlur is working to scale operations to support a wave or Google refugees. But the company that may be […]

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Russian search giant Yandex releases app store for Android, stocked with 50,000 apps

Yandex runs the most popular search engine in Russia, leading some folks to call it the Google of Russia. But the company doesn’t offer its own smartphone operating system. Instead, Yandex is piggybacking on Google’s. Today Yandex released an app store for Android phone sand tablets called Yandex.Store. There are already 50,000 apps available to […]