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Do people still want “small” smartphones? (Apple may have overestimated demand for the iPhone 12 mini)

Smartphone screens have gotten larger and larger in recent years, but there are still some folks who prefer a model with a smaller display that’s easier to operate with one hand. So when Apple launched the iPhone 12 series last fall, the company included an iPhone 12 Mini with a relatively small (by recent standards) […]

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Windows 10 now supports smaller screens (and Win10 Mobile supports bigger ones)

Microsoft has updated its Windows 10 hardware requirements in a few surprising ways. When the operating system launched last summer, Microsoft released hardware requirements stating that the desktop version of Windows 10 would be able to run on devices with 8 inch or larger screens, and that if you wanted a smaller device, you should opt […]

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Microsoft expects smaller Windows touchscreen devices “in the coming months”

Windows 8 is designed at least as much for tablets as it is for desktop and laptop computers, and Microsoft has been playing up the touch-friendly features of the operating system. But so far you haven’t been able to get a Windows 8 or Windows RT touchscreen device with a display smaller than 10 inches. […]

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Samsung isn’t planning any new 7 inch tablets

While the 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is probably the hottest Android tablet on the market today, the company apparently doesn’t plan to launch any future tablets with 7 inch screens. Pocket Lint attended a Samsung briefing where a Samsung executive said the company thinks “10.1 inch is the best size for a tablet.” This […]

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11.6 inch laptops on the rise, but 10 inch netbooks still reign supreme

There’s been a flood of mini-laptops with 11.6 inch and 12.1 inch displays over the past few months. Call them netbooks, ultraportables, thin and light notebooks, or what you will, but it seems that these machines are targeted at people looking for something in between a small, low power netbook and a larger more powerful […]

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Samsung NC20 meets the Samsung N510: Battle of the 11.6″ and 12.1″ screens

We’re seeing a growing number of companies push out laptops with netbook-like specs and prices but larger screens. But what’s the optimal screen size for an ultraportable? Some folks say netbooks should have 9 inch screens, while others prefer 10. If you go up a size grade, the battle seems to be between 11.6 inch […]

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Chinese netbook makers moving to AMD, VIA processors

Chinese white box netbook makers are reportedly starting to build mini-laptops equipped with VIA and AMD processors as an alternative to the Intel Atom-powered netbooks that have flooded the market over the last year or so. DigiTimes reports that shift is partly due to increased demand for these processors, and partly because the VIA chips […]