Lilbits 5-29-2020: Amazon Echo Look stops looking this summer, editing audio in the cloud, and more

Another day, another “smart” gadget that’s about to become dumb. This time it’s Amazon’s Echo Look, an Alexa-enabled device that the company positioned as a “style assistant” when it first launched three years ago. This summer, it’ll stop giving fashion advice as Amazon kills off its Echo Look app and service, leaving customers with a […]

Microsoft’s Phone Screen mirrors your Android phone on a Windows 10 PC

Microsoft knows that even if you use Windows on your PC, you probably don’t use it on your phone — the company has pretty much stopped making smartphone operating systems at this point. But odds are that you do have a phone, and so Microsoft has spent the last few years developing Android and iOS apps […]

Roku adds screen mirroring, casting from Android, Windows, and Windows Phone

Roku makes some of the most popular devices for streaming internet video on a TV. Now you can also use a Roku as a sort of wireless display for your phone, tablet, or PC. Blogger Dave Zatz uncovered support documents that show screen mirroring and video casting features are on the way. Update: It’s official. Roku has […]