JDI’s new display could lead to phones that are nearly all screen

Japan Display Inc is taking the war on screen bezels to new heights. While we’ve seen a number of phones with super-slim side bezels over the past few years, there are usually pretty thick chunks of plastic or metal above or below the screen: because that’s where you hide the circuitry, speakers, and other gear. […]

LG’s new fingerprint sensor fits below a smartphone screen (no separate button required)

Most high-end smartphones hitting the market these days feature fingerprint sensors (and some mid-range phones have them too). But there’s no real consensus on the best place to put the scanner: some phones have them below the screen, others on the back. A few companies even put them on the sides of the phone. LG […]

Report: Chinese phone makers to use Samsung’s Edge displays

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones feature curved glass displays that fold over the right and left sides of the screen, providing more real estate for the display and enabling support for a few extra features such as notifications or icons that are visible even when the phone is lying flat on […]

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 promises better drop protection for smartphone, tablet screens

Corning is introducing its next generation of damage resistant glass which can be used for smartphone and tablet screens. The company tested Gorilla Glass 4 by dropping it face-down ontro a rough surface from one meter and found that the glass survived the fall “up to 80 percent of the time.” Don’t tend to drop […]

WSJ: Google is developing modular “Lego-like” displays

Google seems to have a thing for modular devices. The company plans to release its first modular smartphones based on Project Ara designs in early 2015, letting customers pick and choose the hardware for their phones. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Google is also developing modular display technology. The idea is that you’ll […]

Qualcomm to license out Mirasol sunlight viewable display technology

Qualcomm’s been working on low-power displays that can be used indoors or outdoors for years. But during a recent earnings call, the company announced that it would move to license the technology to other companies, instead of making Mirasol displays itself. That doesn’t mean Qualcomm is turning its back on Mirasol entirely, but the company […]