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Future Chromebooks could have Ivy Bridge processors… maybe

The first notebooks to hit the streets running Google Chrome OS were powered by Intel Atom low power processors. The good news is that means the Acer AC700 and the Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks get decent battery life. The bad news is that they feel surprisingly sluggish for computers that don’t really run much software […]

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Ivy Bridge ultrabooks on the way (could mean cheaper Sandy Bridge models)

PC makers are charging anywhere from $800 to $1900 for ultrabooks, the new class of thin and light laptops featuring Intel processors. But prices for the current crop of ultrabooks could fall soon, in order to make room for next-generation models. Every ultrabook available right now features an Intel Sandy Bridge processor, with most featuring Intel […]

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Gigabyte to unveil ultraportable laptops with Sandy Bridge chips this summer?

Gigabyte has been making mini-laptops with 10 to 12 inch displays for a few years, including some of the first convertible tablet-style netbooks with touchscreen displays. But Gigabyte’s mini-laptops tend to be pricier than the competition, partly because they’re so jam-packed with high performance features. So it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the […]