Google offes teachers $99 Chromebooks for classrooms via Donors Choose

Even with the release of sub $250 Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer, I must admit that I still don’t see Chrome OS as a viable computing platform for most use cases. However, I do feel that Chromebooks make excellent laptops for classroom use. In schools users don’t have to worry about connectivity, and kids can […]

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook now available in black for $350

The Acer AC700 isn’t the only Chromebook getting a price drop. Samsung has introduced a new version of the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook which is available for $350. Samsung is continuing to offer the Chromebook in white or silver for $430 and up, but the new model comes in “piano black.” Like the other models, […]

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook hits Europe Friday June 24th

Samsung is getting ready to take the Series 5 Chromebook international. The 12.1 inch Chrome OS laptop has been on sale in the US since June 15th. Tomorrow it goes on sale in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. The WiFi-only model will run £349 in the UK and €399 elsewhere. A 3G model […]

Chrome OS vs. Joli OS: Two operating systems with their heads in the clouds

The first Chrome OS laptops are starting to ship today, bringing Google’s vision of an operating system built solely around a web browser to the masses… or to any masses that care to order a Samsung Series 5 or Acer Cromia Chromebook. But Google isn’t the only company offering an operating system aimed at low […]