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E-NC10 from China is a thin, light, and DVD-drive equipped ultraportable

The E-NC10 is a Chinese netbook that bears a slight resemblance to the Samsung NC10. But only slight. While the Samsung NC10 has a 10 inch display and chromed edges, the E-NC10 is a larger model with an 11.6 inch display and plastic where the Samsung netbook’s chrome is located. But the E-NC10 has a […]

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Clear offers subsidized Samsung NC10 with WiMAX for $200

Old netbooks don’t ever die. They just end up getting promoted by wireless broadband providers. The latest case in point? WiMAX service provider Clear is offering a Samsung NC10 netbook with an integrated 4G WiMAX modem. The NC10 was released in 2008 and Samsung had largely replaced it with the Samsung N110/N120 series. This month, […]

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Samsung NC10 hack: Adding Broadcom HD decoder to enable HD video

Intel Atom powered netbooks with integrated graphics are known for long battery life and halfway decent performance. They’re not known for handling CPU-intensive tasks like decoding HD video. For that you have third party solutions like the NVIDIA ION chipset or Broadcom’s HD decoder for netbooks. While some companies including Dell and HP are offering […]

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More than 1 million Samsung NC10 netbooks sold

Samsung first introduced the NC10 netbook in October, 2008. Now the company is announcing that it’s sold over a million NC10s. While Acer, Asus, and other big name computer makers passed the million netbooks sold point ages ago, Samsung is a company that’s probably better known for making consumer electronics like televisions and cellphones than […]