Samsung launches $650 Galaxy Tab S4 with S Pen and DeX desktop mode

Samsung is pretty much the only company that continues to offer high-end Android tablets, and the new Galaxy Tab S4 is the most premium to date. Basically Samsung is positioning this new tablet as a 2-in-1 device that could even replace a laptop (in some situations). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 features a Samsung S-Pen […]

Lilbits 318: US throws ZTE a lifeline (after almost drowning it)

After banning US companies from selling goods to ZTE in April, causing the Chinese electronics company to basically suspend most operations, the United States Department of Commerce has signed an agreement with the company that could lead to the sanctions being lifted. The company reached an agreement with the Commerce Department last month that includes ZTE […]

Report: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has DeX support, will work as secondary monitor

Samsung’s DeX platform lets you connect some of the company’s latest smartphones to a dock to use the phone like a desktop computer. Soon you may be able to do the same thing with a Samsung tablet. According to SamMobile, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 will be the first Samsung tablet with DeX support. […]