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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N sales continue in Germany, despite Apple suit

Samsung has won another round in its ongoing legal battle with Apple over smartphones and tablets. A German court has ruled that Samsung can continued to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet and Galaxy Nexus smartphone in that country… at least for now. After Apple successfully managed to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in […]

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Judge: Samsung gets to keep selling Galaxy Tab 10.1n in Germany… for now

Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany. It’s a slightly modified version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a plastic bezel which extends over the sides of the tablet to make it look a little less like an Apple iPad 2. The new design came after a German court decided that Samsung’s original […]

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Apple wants to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany too

It’s the same old story. Boy meets girl. Boy sues girl for producing a tablet that looks too much like boy’s tablet. Girl introduces a new tablet with a slightly different design. Boy sues again in hopes of prohibiting girl from selling that tablet in Germany either. Oh wait, that’s not the plot of a romantic […]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N hits Germany, attempts to steer clear of Apple complaints

If you think the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet looks an awful lot like an Apple iPad, you’re not alone. A German court has prohibited Samsung from selling in the tablet in Germany after ruling that Samsung has infringed on Apple’s designs. The victory was a bit hollow, since it only affected Samsung’s German division… […]