Samsung launches Galaxy Tab Active2 ruggedized tablet

Samsung’s latest Android tablet is a ruggedized model designed for business users, although I suppose the Galaxy Tab Active2 could also appeal to accident-prone home users or folks who want a tablet to take hiking or camping. Like the company’s Galaxy Active smartphones, the tablet is MIL-STD-810 certified for pressure, temperature, vibration, and drop protection. […]

Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion in damages for patent infringement

After weeks of arguments and years of build-up, jurors in a US court reached a verdict in the legal battle between Apple and Samsung over smartphone and tablet patents. Jurors found that Samsung infringed on a number of Apple’s patents for mobile device hardware and software and ordered the company to pay more than $1 […]

$20 USB/Memory Card hub works with both iPad and Galaxy Tabs

USBFever recently released a new USB hub for tablets that promises compatibility with 90% of tablets. It does so by targeting the two most popular tablet makers: Apple and Samsung. The Universal USB Hub and Card Reader has two 30-pin connectors, one that fits the iPad, one that fits Samsung Galaxy Tabs. In addition there […]