Hackers are bringing Windows 10 to the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and other Snapdragon 835 phones)

Windows 10 is the first version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system that’s designed to run on devices with either x86 or ARM processors. But the ARM version is designed for tablets and notebooks rather than smartphones. That hasn’t stopped developers from porting Windows 10 on ARM to run on phones though. Last year developers figured […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 adds Daydream VR support

Samsung may sell its own Gear VR headsets for customers that want to use a Samsung phone as a virtual reality device. But now the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ also support Google’s Daydream View headset. Actually, it should support any Daydream-compatible headset. It’s just that Google is the only company to offer one […]

Samsung launches Bixby voice assistant Early Access program in the US

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ may have dedicated keys for the company’s Bixby virtual assistant software. But the full version of Bixby wasn’t ready to go when the phones first launched… at least not in the United States. While South Korean customers could use Bixby to speak to their phones, customers in the US could […]

Samsung and LG smartphone displays with 4 curved edges under development?

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone features dual curved edges, with the display bending over the left and right sides of the display giving the phone a bezel-less design along its longest sides. But future smartphone displays might have curves along all four edges, enabling device makers to build phones with nearly nothing but screen on the […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 face recognition can be tricked by a photo (balancing security and convenience is hard)

There are a bunch of ways you can try to prevent folks from unlocking your phone without your permission. Most phones let you set up a numeric code, or PIN that you can enter. Some let you use an alphanumeric password. Or you can require the user to swipe a pattern across the screen. And […]

Microsoft to sell Samsung’s new Android phone (with MS apps)

Microsoft may have its own smartphone operating system, but it’s not exactly widely used. So in an effort to meet its customers where they are, the company has been releasing apps for Android and iOS… and now Microsoft is even planning to start selling Android phones. Paul Thurrott reports you’ll be able to buy a […]

Samsung’s Bixby assistant: Voice controls for your phone (not quite a Siri clone… for now)

We’ve known for a while that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the first phone to ship with Samsung’s new Bixby voice assistant software. What we didn’t really know until now is that Bixby isn’t exactly competing with Google Assistant or other voice assistant software such as Siri, Alexa, or Cortana… at least not yet. Other […]