Samsung will let you try a phone or smartwatch for 21 days without buying

Want to try out one of Samsung’s new mobile gadgets, but don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a device you’re not sure you’ll like? No problem. Samsung is launching a 21-day trial program. There are a few big caveats. First, you’ll need to go to one of 5 US locations to actually get […]

Samsung unveils faster, higher-res Galaxy S5 smartphone in Korea

Samsung has introduced a new version of its Galaxy S5 smartphone featuring a more powerful processor and a higher-resolution display than the model that hit the streets just a few months ago. The new version will launch first in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. It’s not clear if or when it’ll be available in […]

Geohot’s Towelroot can root AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S5

Folks have been rooting some versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 since shortly after the phone was released earlier this year. Unfortunately if you got your phone from one of the two largest US wireless carriers, you’ve probably been stuck with a locked bootloader and an unrooted device… until now. Developer Geohot, best known for numerous […]

Samsung S Band is a wearable fitness tracker, smartphone companion

Samsung appears to be preparing multiple wearable fitness trackers. The company unveiled the Samsung Gear Fit recently, but SamMobile has obtained documents showing a second activity tracker called the Samsung S Band. The Gear Fit is a sort of bracelet or watch that monitors your activity, displays your progress on an AMOLED display, and shares […]