Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 brings bigger screens, better hinge, speedier performance

About a year after releasing its first smartphone with a foldable OLED display, Samsung is ready for round two. As expected, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has the same basic design as the original Galaxy Fold… but more so. There’s still a 7+ tablet-like display that folds in half to let you slide the phone into your […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G looks like a much better foldable phone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was one of the first smartphones to ship with a foldable AMOLED designed to let you use the device as either a phone or a tablet. It’s an expensive phone with questionable build quality and durability. Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold2 5G looks like a much better device. But looks are about all […]

Lilbits 378: An AMD Ryzen-powered “NUC” and putting Samsung’s Galaxy Fold claims to the test

Intel’s NUC line of computers are compact desktops that are powered by Intel processors… by definition. Intel has the trademark on the NUC name, so any computer that doesn’t have an Intel chip isn’t likely to be called an NUC anytime soon. That said, there are a bunch of third-party mini PCs that look an […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold coming to America September 27th

The Samsung Galaxy Fold launched in South Korea a few weeks ago. This Friday you’ll be able to pick one up in the United States. As expected, it won’t be cheap: the phone will be available from retailers including Samsung, Best Buy and AT&T for $1980. Samsung’s first smartphone with a foldable display can be […]

Samsung cautions against touching Galaxy Fold too hard ($2000 smartphone)

Samsung’s first smartphone with a foldable display is finally shipping after a multi-month delay. The company says it used that time to make the phone a little sturdier and harder to break… but for a smartphone with a $1980 price tag, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Fold is still remarkably fragile — and Samsung […]

The redesigned, hopefully sturdier Samsung Galaxy Fold is coming in September

Samsung’s first smartphone with a foldable display was supposed to ship in April. But after multiple reviewers who had received demo units reported that their screens had broken, Samsung hit pause on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now the company says it’s identified the issues that made the Fold break so easily and they’ve revised the […]

AT&T and Best Buy cancel Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally scheduled to hit stores on April 26th, but Samsung postponed the launch after multiple reviewers reported that the screens were easy to damage on their demo units. At the time the company said it would announce a new release date “in the coming weeks,” at this point it’s not […]

iFixit’s Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown shows how easy it is to break the $2000 folding phone

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphone was supposed to be available to the public this Friday. But after multiple reports of broken displays on demo units sent to reviewers, Samsung has postponed the launch of its ambitious, expensive smartphone with a foldable display. The folks at online repair shop iFixit did manage to get their hands on […]

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch following reports of broken screens

Samsung has postponed the launch of the Galaxy Fold smartphone. The phone was set to hit the streets on April 26th, becoming the first mainstream phone to feature a foldable OLED display. But shortly after the company sent out review units to journalists, reports of broken displays started to come in. Now Samsung has announced […]

Multiple Samsung Galaxy Fold reviewers have had their screens break ($2,000 foldable phone)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is set to hit the streets April 26th. The $1,980 smartphone will be the first mainstream phone with a flexible OLED display that lets you phone the hold in half and use it in your pocket, or unfold it and use it like a tablet. And in spite of the high […]