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Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, and Galaxy A73 5G pack big specs and mid-range prices, but not headphone jacks

Samsung’s Galaxy A series line of mid-range smartphones are among the company’s best-selling, typically combining strong features and prices that are more affordable than the company’s increasingly expensive Galaxy S series flagships. The new Samsung Galaxy A33 5G and Galaxy A53 5G continue the trend. The former will be available in Europe starting April 22 for €369 and […]

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Now Samsung’s A-series budget phones are shipping without chargers too

Samsung has been shipping its flagship smartphones without a charger in the box since the Samsung Galaxy S21 launched last year. Now the company appears to be taking the same approach toward its budget phones. Last week the company began taking orders in the US for the $160 Galaxy A03s and $250 Galaxy A13 5G smartphones. […]

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Samsung is bringing 5 budget and mid-range Galaxy A phones to the US (including its cheapest 5G phone to date)

Flagship phones may hog the headlines, but budge and mid-range phones are big sellers, so it’s always good to see features that used to come at a premium make their way to affordable devices. The latest example? The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G smartphone unveiled last month sports features like a 90 HZ AMOLED display. Now […]

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Samsung’s 2020 Galaxy A series phones coming to America starting April 9 for $110 and up

Samsung is bringing six new Galaxy A series smartphones to the United States starting this week when the new Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A51 will be available from select stores. This summer, the phones will be joined by the Galaxy A11, A21, A515G, and A71 5G.  The Samsung Galaxy A01 is an entry-level phone with a starting price of […]

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Samsung Galaxy A41 mid-range smartphone hits stores in June (in Japan, at least)

While the latest flagship phones tend to grab the most headlines, it turns out Samsung’s Galaxy A series mid-range phones sell better than its high-end Galaxy S or Galaxy Note models. So it’s no surprise that new models are coming this year — and Samsung has just unveiled the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A41, which will […]

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Counterpoint: Top smartphones of 2019 were nearly all Apple and Samsung devices

I don’t think it’s any surprise that Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market these days. But a recent report from Counterpoint Research confirms that fact — and offers a few interesting details that I hadn’t necessarily expected. The report examines the top 10 smartphone models sold in 2019. First up, only one of those […]

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Samsung Galaxy A9 smartphone has a 6 inch display, a 4,000 mAh battery

Samsung recently unveiled three new Galaxy A series smartphones coming in 2016. But it looks like there will be a fourth model: the Samsung Galaxy A9 is a smartphone with a big screen and a big battery. Like other A series phones, the Galaxy A9 has mid-range specs and premium design elements. It’s expected to […]

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Lilbits (8-25-2014): The future of smartwatches looks… round

Motorola’s doing it. LG’s doing it. So is Samsung… reportedly. All three companies are apparently working on smartwatches featuring round watch faces. Smartwatches aren’t exactly common these days, but if you have seen one in the wild, odds are that it’s had a square or rectangular design. Motorola’s upcoming Moto 360 with a round face […]