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Does a $200 price drop make Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo any more attractive? (Now it’s $1200)

The Microsoft Surface Duo is both one of the most interesting devices Microsoft has released in years… and also possibly one of the hardest to justify buying. With a list price of $1400, it’s a first-generation dual-screen handheld that could eventually pave the way for a new type of computing device. But right now it […]

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Amazon Prime Day mobile tech deals roundup (from Amazon and beyond)

Amazon Prime Day is actually two days this year, with deep discounts across a range of products on July 15th and 16th. As usual, Amazon is offering deals on its first-party devices, which means you can pick up a Fire tablet for as little as $30, a Fire TV Stick for $15, a Kindle Paperwhite […]

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Daily Deals bonus: AliExpress anniversary sale edition

AliExpress is a Chinese retail site that lets international shoppers buy items shipped from China and other locations. It’s owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, but when you buy shop at AliExpress you’re really looking at goods for sale from a bunch of third-party sellers… it’s more like shopping on eBay than at Walmart or […]

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Imagination Technologies finds a buyer (two actually)

This summer UK-based Imagination Technologies announced that it was putting itself up for sale after losing one of its biggest customers when Apple decided to start designing graphics technologies for its iPhones and iPads in-house. Now it looks like Imagination is splitting its assets with a California-based investment group called Tallwood acquiring Imagination’s MIPS CPU design […]

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Sprint says it’ll cut your phone bill in half if you switch from AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile

The fourth-biggest wireless carrier in the US says it’s new LTE Plus network is one of the fastest in the country… but that doesn’t do the company much good unless it can attract customers. So Sprint is launching a pretty big sale to promote the launch of its new network: switch to Sprint from one of […]

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Google Nexus 6 is on sale for $150 off (starting at $499)

The Google Nexus 6 is a smartphone with a big, high-resolution display, a fast processor, and support for the latest Android software. But it also has a high price tag. While Google has offered the last few Nexus smartphones at about half the price of a typical flagship phone, the Nexus 6 sold for $649 […]

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Moto X sale revamped: How to buy one for $350 (or $150 off)

Motorola planned to sell the Moto X smartphone for $150 off on Cyber Monday — but the company’s servers couldn’t keep up with demand, and customers were unable to checkout. So Motorola is trying again. The company is running a 2-day sale, allowing customers to register for a voucher that’ll let them pick up a […]

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Google celebrates 25 billion Play Store downloads with 25 cent sale

Google will run 5-day, 25 cent sale in the Google Play Store starting this week. The promotion celebrates the fact that users have downloaded 25 billion apps, songs, books, and other digital items from the Play Store. The company also says the Play Store now has 675 thousand apps and games, which is pretty close […]