Jolla Tablet now shipping to developers, heading to customers later this year

Jolla may be getting out of the hardware business in order to focus on developing and licensing its Sailfish operating system to other phone and tablet makers. But the company still plans to ship the Jolla Tablet to backers of last year’s crowdfunding campaign. While the finished tablet isn’t quite ready to ship yet, Jolla has […]

Jolla unveils Sailfish OS 2.0, first phone hardware partner

Shortly after announcing plans to stop making its own smartphones and instead focus on developing and licensing the Sailfish operating system to other device makers, the folks at Jolla have two major announcements. First up, they’ve got at least one partner: Indian phone maker Intex plans to release a Sailfish phone later this year. Second, that […]

Jolla shifts efforts to Sailfish OS, exits smartphone hardware business

Finnish smartphone company Jolla has announced it will no longer be developing hardware. Instead the company will focus on developing and licensing the Sailfish operating system. Jolla says a new company will be established to take over the device business, but it sounds like Jolla is more interested in licensing its software to hardware companies […]

Jolla unveils Sailfish OS 2.0 and Sailfish Secure platform for phones, tablets

Jolla’s first tablet is set to hit the streets in a few months, and when it does it will run a new version of the company’s Linux-based Sailfish operating system. Jolla is introducing Sailfish OS 2.0 at Mobile World Congress this week, as well as a new platform called Sailfish Secure which the company plans […]

Jolla’s first Sailfish OS tablet coming in 2015 (Crowdfunding)

Jolla launched its first smartphone running the Sailfish Linux-based operating system last year. Now the company wants to add a tablet to its lineup, and it’s taken to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise money for the project. It took the company just 2 hours to meet its goals by raising $380,000 and taking pre-orders for 2000 […]

Jolla’s Sailfish OS smartphone hits India for $270

Finnish smartphone company Jolla is expanding beyond Europe. The company’s first smartphone runs Sailfish, a Linux-based operating system which can run some Android apps, but which has a unique user interface running on top of software that emerged from the ashes of Nokia and Intel’s canceled MeeGo project. Jolla recently began offering its phone in Hong […]