Jolla’s Sailfish OS can run on smartwatches (technical demo)

Jolla’s Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system that was initially designed to run on smartphones, but eventually it could be used to power smartwatches and other wearable or IoT devices. The folks at Jolla are pretty much done selling their own hardware, so don’t expect to see a Jolla smartwatch anytime soon. But the developers […]

Would you pay $649 (or more) for a Google Pixel smartphone?

Ever since 2010, Google been working with hardware partners to release new Nexus smartphones every year. They’re designed to run the latest version of Android that’s available at the time of launch, and often used as showcases for Android’s latest features. Nexus phones might not be the most popular smartphones on the market, but they’re popular […]

Report: Google to launch Pixel phones, 4K Chromecast, DayDream and Home devices Oct 4th

You know that report which said the two new phones Google is designing with HTC wouldn’t be called Nexus? Yeah, apparently that’s because they’ll be part of the Pixel family. Android Police reports that Google will launch the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones at an event on October 4th… along with a whole bunch of other […]

Google Nexus 2016 smartphones hit the FCC

Thanks to a series of rumors and leaks in recent months, we were pretty sure that Google and HTC were working together on two new Nexus smartphones. But now we’ve got something a little closer to official confirmation. HTC has submitted documentation to the FCC for two new devices, and according to the draft user […]

Another Google Nexus “Sailfish” leak confirms 1080p display, Snapdragon CPU

Google is rumored to be working with HTC on two new Nexus smartphones for 2016. A series of leaks have suggested that one will feature a 5 inch, 1080p display while the other has a 5.5 inch, 2560 x 1440 pixel screen. Now another leak apparently confirms that the smaller phone, code-named “Sailfish” will have […]

HTC’s 5.5 inch Google Nexus “Marlin” phone specs leaked

HTC is rumored to be working with Google on two Nexus smartphones that will launch later this year. Last week the folks at Android Police published specs for a model with a 5 inch screen that’s code-named “Sailfish.” Now Android Police claims to have details about the larger model, code-named “Marlin.” It’s said to be […]

Jolla launches Sailfish OS community, limited edition Jolla C smartphone

It looks like the reports of Jolla’s demise have been somewhat exaggerated. After running into financial troubles last year and announcing it’d be unable to ship tablets to everyone who had placed orders, the company recently announced it had raised new funding for its efforts to continue developing the Sailfish operating system in hopes of […]

Jolla secures $12 million in funding for Sailfish OS

Finnish startup Jolla may have given up on plans to continue producing its own smartphones and tablets. But the company is continuing to develop the Sailfish OS operating system for mobile devices, and Jolla has just announced that it’s raised $12 million to continue working on Sailfish OS and to pursue licensing deals with hardware […]

Reports: HTC working on two Google Nexus devices (S1 and M1)

Rumors have been making the rounds that at least one of Google’s next-gen Nexus devices could be built by HTC. Now expert leaker Evan Blass says that “HTC is building a pair of Android N devices for Google” which are code-named M1 and S1. Website Android Police quickly followed up with a few more details, […]

Sailfish OS isn’t dead yet, Jolla secures more funding

About a month after announcing temporary layoffs of most of its employees, Finnish smartphone software company Jolla says it has closed a Series C investment round, giving the company enough money to keep going.. at least for a while. That means Jolla plans to continue developing its Sailfish operating system for smartphones and tablets. Jolla was founded by […]

Sailfish OS maker Jolla announces temporary layoffs, debt restructuring

Finnish mobile company Jolla was founded a few years ago by former Nokia executives that wanted to carry on developing a Linux-based mobile operating system after Nokia made the switch to Windows Phone software. Jolla has released several versions of its Sailfish OS since then, as well as a phone and a tablet, although the […]