Google and NVIDIA are bringing game streaming to iOS (via the web browser)

There are a growing number of ways to stream console-quality games to a smartphone or tablet… as long as they’re running Android. Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Amazon have all launched game streaming services in the past year, and Apple’s App Store policies have kept all of those companies from making iPhone or iPad apps available. […]

Unhappy with Chrome and Firefox? Here are some alternate web browsers

Firefox is starting to look like Chrome and Chrome is taking steps toward hiding URLs. While there are certainly some supporters of each move, there are plenty of folks disgruntled by the changes. Fortunately, Chrome and Firefox aren’t the only games in town. Opera, Maxthon, Safari, and even Internet Explorer are all viable alternatives. And […]

Apple releases Safari 5.1 web browser for Mac, Windows

OS X Lion and a few new Mac computers aren’t the only things Apple launched today. The company also released the latest version of the Safari web browser for Mac and Windows. Safari 5.1 has a few new features baked in, including a Reading List that allows you to save pages you want to read […]